Abbot’s Electric Dreams

Tips, ideas, and information on getting the most from Abbot, your ChatOps assistant.

Don Okuda is an Abboteer

We’re excited to share that Don Okuda has joined us as a Founding Product Designer to help make Abbot even more enjoyable to use.

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Edit Abbot skills in your favorite editor

While we’ve worked hard to make the Abbot editing experience in the browser great, it will never be as good as the editing experience in your favorite editor. To that end, we’ve taken the first step towards providing a great local editing experience.

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Tweet from Chat

twitter suggest edit

If you manage more than one Twitter account, whether it’s for a project or a company’s social media presence, you live with THE FEAR. That nagging fear that takes up residence in the back of your mind. The fear that one day, you will tweet something inappropriate from the wrong account. I’ve done it. Maybe you’ve done it. But lets all hope it’s not as bad as what this person did:

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Tools For Inside the Workshop

No two workshops are the same. Well-used workshops form a patina of scars, wear marks, and scratches on the floor over time, giving them their own unique fingerprint. Look inside one and you’ll notice something else: the tools that the craftspeople made for themselves to use inside the workshop. These purpose-built tools create a special language in the workshop, a patois evolved from the shared experiences of building.

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Visualize Grafana dashboards in chat

An image is worth a thousand words, which is why Abbot can now help you visualize your graphs in chat with the grafana skill!

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Query databases from chat with Abbot

sql data dataclip suggest edit

Chat is a great place to review data together. Abbot has always made interacting with APIs easy; and now Abbot can also talk to MySQL and Postgres databases.

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Manage GitHub issues in chat with Abbot

github issues suggest edit

An important Abbot benefit is it brings the ability to do work where discussion about work is already happening.

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Ship It Squirrel and list skills

lists abbot suggest edit

Ship early and ship often. This is a principle we embrace and celebrate here at A Serious Business, Inc.. It’s a cultural holdover from our days at GitHub

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Andreia 'Shana' Gaita is an Abboteer

Today marks Shana’s first day as an Abboteer (yes, we’re going to try and make that term a thing) joining us all the way from Portugal! Shana is known for diving deep into a challenge. She enjoys gaming, diving, and redefining which way is up.

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Support User Interactions With Buttons

Abbot skills get a lot done despite being text-based; but sometimes a human just wants to click a button. With the latest release of Abbot (0.15.0-beta), Abbot supports user interface elements such as buttons. This enables skill authors to create approval workflows, simple games, and more within chat.

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Subscribing to cloud events with Abbot

In my last post, I wrote about writing a sparkly skill in Abbot. That was fun! But Abbot isn’t only about fun. After all, our company name is A Serious Business, Inc. Seriously, that’s the name. So it’s about time I show you how to get to some serious business with Abbot.

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Writing Sparkly Abbot Skills With C#

In my last post, I wrote about some of the interesting elements of C# we take advantage of to make argument parsing in Abbot with C# nice.

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Argument parsing with Abbot

Most Bot skills strive for a more natural language feel to arguments passed them. For example, to remember something with Abbot you can use @abbot rem haacked's blog is And then later recall it with @abbot rem haacked's blog. Or just @abbot rem haacked because Abbot uses fuzzy matching.

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Introducing Abbot, a powerful ChatOps tool for collaborative work

Collaborative work is difficult enough when located together in an office. It can present new challenges when working remotely. When I worked at GitHub, one powerful tool we used that left a lasting impact on me was ChatOps. In fact, GitHub may have created the concept. If not, they were certainly one of the first.

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